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Accusys ExaSAN and Tiger Technology deliver the ultimate PCIe shared storage solution

Tiger Technology certifies Tiger Serve1 appliances with Accusys ExaSAN PCIe standards-based RAID storage and switches to provide ultra-high-performance yet cost-effective shared storage systems.

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Test Driving the Accusys ExaSAN A08S3-PS PCI-E RAID Array


The world of high-performance storage for digital media has changed a lot in recent years.  For the past decade or so, you’ve had the option of USB, Firewire, and now Thunderbolt drives on the portable/ consumer side, and various forms of internal and external SATA and SAS, and on the professional side.  There is also fibre channel, and as much as it works perfectly well in direct-attached storage applications, its expense usually dictates that it is more often used in large SAN installations.

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