Loxoll High Availability Appliance

HA-AP Appliance

Feature Overview

  • Guaranteed data access
  • Continuous data protection
  • Fully transparent to host systems
  • No additional host software or drivers are required
  • 2x read performance
  • Mirror existing FC RAID or add other standard FC RAID
  • Local and remote FC connectivity

The HA-AP appliance makes it easy to build a high-availability, enterprise-grade storage solution that provides no downtime storage access. HA-AP installs easily with standard Fibre Channel RAID units and switches and, optionally, with VMware software, and others, to create a high-performance HA storage system with instantaneous recovery on any single point of failure.

The HA-AP is perfect for SMB and mid-size businesses' with limited IT staffs and business-critical applications. Provides high-availability storage access and protection for VMware infrastructures. Instantaneous, hardware-based failover and failback of storage system access complements SAN file system operation and provides uninterrupted data access. Performance-wise, HA-AP dramatically raises streaming rates by alternately reading from each mirrored disk sets and effectively doubles sustained throughput.

Data Sheet: HA-AP Appliance

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