An Affordable, Flexible, High Performance FC RAID

Superior Performance

Organizations require solutions that can offer excellent performance to meet the demands of mission-critical applications such as HD media editing, broadcasting, and cloud services. Featuring advanced Infortrend G7i hardware platforms, VXR-III+ provides superior throughput of up to 5,500MB/s read, up to 3,900MB/s Write, and up to 1.2M IOPS.

 Enterprise-Class HA Solution

Combined VXR-III+ with Loxoll’s High-Availability Appliance, it builds a high- availability, enterprise-class storage solution that provides no downtime storage access with instantaneous recovery on any single point of failure. Mirroring and failover happen automatically.  HA Appliance protected VXR-III+ storage appears as an unbreakable volume to connected hosts, impervious to any component outages and enabling online maintenance without disrupting business applications.

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Data Sheet: VXR-III+ FC RAID