Tiger Technology – ExaSAN

Fibre Channel Performance at Ethernet Prices – Tiger Serve1 Workflow Controller and ExaSAN PCIe Storage

Solution Highlights

• SAN connectivity over PCIe
• SCSI and IP SAN capability
• Flexible configurations
• High performance - HD, 2K, 4K capability
• Greater bandwidth per dollar
• Complete content-centric workflow with creative app support
• User, project, and media management

Fibre Speeds, Ethernet Pricing







Tiger Technology and Accusys (www.exasan.com) have co-developed a joint shared storage workflow solution that combines Tiger’s flexible and simple shared storage management with Accusys' affordable yet fast ExaSAN PCIe network technology. The resulting system provides multi-user shared storage with Fibre Channel level performance at Ethernet price points.

The solution integrates ExaSAN PCIe HBA cards into Tiger Serve1 compact shared storage workflow controllers, which in turn connect to ExaSAN PCIe storage. The ExaSAN system provides true SCSI SAN architecture through PCIe using fibre optic or copper cabling, and delivers potential performance of up to 32 Gbps from the storage to Tiger Serve1.

Creative production seats can easily connect using flexible configurations including SAN, IP SAN, and hybrid DAS/SAN using ExaSAN dual port cards, an ideal solution for colour grading applications which require local direct attached storage for caching.

With Tiger projectStore PRO and Replication & Tiering, users will have a complete multi-user collaborative workflow solution with user, project, and media management capabilities, including Avid file system emulation with true bin-locking.

Sample configuration for high-resolution colour grading, DI, and finishing

To support applications requiring even greater bandwidth, such as visual effects, online editing and finishing, and colour grading with full-resolution HD, 2K and 4K material, Tiger Serve1 and ExaSAN storage systems can be configured as a true SCSI SAN. In this configuration, Tiger Serve1 takes on the role of a metadata controller (MDC), managing the file system and client access, while workstations connect directly to the stripe or Tiger Smart Pool of arrays. Clients using an ExaSAN PCIe HBA card with a quad SFP can achieve a potential read speed of 2.3 GB/sec when four ExaSAN storage arrays are pooled.



Datasheet: TigerServe1_ExaSAN2015_datasheet

For additional configuration information go to: Tiger Technology - ExaSAN