Dell Recertified Servers and Storage

Why purchase Dell Recertified Servers and Storage.

Even during difficult economic times, the pressure on companies to keep up with the latest technology is essential. Purchasing new IT equipment has its benefits, but it’s not always required. There are instances where buying recertified servers and storage works as well, while providing substantial cost savings, and there doesn’t have to be a trade-off with respect to performance and reliability.

Are Dell Recertified Servers and Storage as reliable as new Dell products?

Dell Recertified servers, towers and storage complete an exhaustive second Dell factory remanufacturing and testing process to ensure they meet the same factory specifications as new. All Dell Recertified products come with the same warranty and support options that new Dell products offer. Post warranty and maintenance is available.

Where do Dell Recertified products come from?

  • Dell Demo and Proof of Concept
  • Factory OverStocks
  • Canceled Orders
  • Factory Loaner Equipment

No cost configure to order build

Dell Recertified products include all current generation products.
Dell EMC PowerEdge
  • PowerEdge G13, G14 Tower and Rack Servers
  • PowerEdge Server Options

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

Modular Network

  • MX Ethernet I/O Modules, Fibre Channels

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

Modular Infrastructure

  • MX7000 Chassis
  • MX740c, MX840c Compute Sleds

Dell EMC PowerVault

Storage SAN/DAS

  • ME4 Series