EDpCloud Cross Platform Real Time File Replication

Real Time Bidirectional, Multi Directional, Automated Secure & Cross Platform File Replication

EDpCloud ™ real time data synchronization is a software only solution for agencies and businesses. The software moves and mirrors data automatically and securely between customers branch offices, data centers, geographic locations, clouds and different operating systems.

EnduraData™ provides the software and services. You provide your own storage. You have full control over your data.

• Leverage your own infrastructure, the cloud or both

• Sync, Migrate, Protect, Automate and Leverage Data

• Run EDpCloud anywhere: on your server, on your PC, on your laptop, virtual machines or in the cloud

Use your existing infrastructure & storage or the cloud

Replicate to any data center, between data centers, branch offices and between various cloud providers. EDpCloud is for physical machines, virtual machines, the cloud or any other combinations.

Leverage your infrastructure and your data with EDpCloud automated data replication software.
Sync & mirror data between systems, geographic locations and multiple clouds. Use your own infrastructure, the cloud or both.

EDpCloud is Secure

• Encrypted data, both at rest and in transit

• Peer to Peer only communication

• Protects against malware, data leaks, and ransomware

EDpCloud ransomware protection with multi OS, versioning & isolation


For more information about EnduraData EDpCloud go to www.enduradata.com

Please use the StorageRep contact page if you would like to leave a message or speak to someone about EDpCloud.