HPE Renew Remanufactured Enterprise Products

Why purchase HPE Renew Remanufactured Products.

Even during difficult economic times, the pressure on companies to keep up with the latest technology is essential. Purchasing new enterprise products has its benefits, but it’s not always required. There are instances where buying remanufactured servers, storage, and networking products works as well, while providing substantial cost savings, and there doesn’t have to be a trade-off with respect to performance and reliability.

Are HPE Renew Enterprise products as reliable as new HPE products?

All HPE Renew products are certified to have passed HPE’s rigorous remanufacturing and quality inspection.

The HPE Renew process includes: Inspection, Complete Disassembly, Reconditioning and Assembly, New Serial Number Assignment, Latest Firmware Updates, Testing, Addition of New Manuals, Cables and Packaging plus the addition of an “R” in the product number for quality assurance.

The HPE Renew Certificate of Quality assures that HPE Renew products are fully restored to original product specifications.

Where do HPE Renew products come from?

The vast majority of HPE Renew products are sourced from the HPE demo program equipment or from factory excess, and are typically less than 12 months of age.

  • HPE Renew is able to offer current models using the latest technology
  • Product warranty is identical to new products
  • Get high-quality at a lower cost
  • No cost configure to order build

The HPE Renew program includes the following products.


ProLiant DL & ML Commercial Servers (Gen9/Gen10)
ProLiant Server Options


ProLiant BL Servers
C7000 Enclosures
c-Class Switches


FlexFabric Switches
(Core and ToR)


MSA SAN Storage
Storage Blades
FC Switches
StoreOnce Backup
StoreVirtual Storage
SAN Switches & Host Bus Adaptors
StoreEasy Storage
StoreEver Tape Libraries


Networking Switches
Wireless LAN & Access Points
Networking Routers
Networking Accessories