Cloud Storage Gateways

All-in-One Cloud Storage Gateways

CTERA's cloud storage gateways are hybrid appliances that seamlessly combine local storage, cloud storage, data protection functionality and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective package. Ideal for SMBs as well as enterprise branches and remote offices, CTERA's appliances can replace legacy file servers and tape backup in a single solution with significant cost savings. The appliances feature a full set of Network Attached Storage (NAS) capabilities and comprehensive backup functionality, utilizing on-premises storage capabilities for speed and local sharing, while taking advantage of cloud storage for off-site backup, universal access, file sharing, and folder synchronization.

Main Benefits

Consolidate storage, backup, and mobile access

Single solution makes it easier to store, manage, and share files while keeping them secure.

Comprehensive, layered data protection

Protect laptops, desktops, and servers (Windows, Mac, & Linux) both locally and in the cloud.


With no cloud connection requirement, you can future-proof with built-in cloud services.

End-to-End security

Files are protected using AES-256 data encryption coupled with password protection.

Use Cases

Target Audience: Small, remote, and branch offices with up to 250 users per site.

1. Remote and branch office automated backups

2. Secure/private file sync, share, and collaboration

3. Optimized incremental cloud backup with data compression

4. Restore files, previous versions, and complete drives

5. Secure mobile file sharing and access

CTERA Solution – How it Works


Easy to Manage


CTERA Appliance Product Line

Range of appliances to fit SMB needs


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